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Welcome to our world of precision manufacturing solutions. We offer an extensive range of top-tier machinery, prominently featuring high-speed press machines and mechanical press machines. Our high-speed presses are designed to optimize efficiency and precision, perfectly suited for industries demanding rapid, accurate stamping and forming operations. Conversely, our mechanical presses are known for their versatility and robustness, capable of handling a wide array of tasks, even the most demanding.
What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards, ensuring our machinery is synonymous with reliability, ease of maintenance, and operational safety. When you choose us as your machinery partner, you gain a trusted collaborator dedicated to your manufacturing success. Elevate your production capabilities and efficiency with us - where precision meets performance.
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High Speed Press

High-speed, dynamic balance, peak performance
Stable operation at 300-400SPM load
High-rigidity, strong casting bed
Ultra-precision, meets GB/T 29548
Full series, 200-500 tons, large table.

Mechanical Press

High-quality steel, tension-relieved for precision
Symmetrical slide plates ensure stability
0.1mm mold adjustment precision, safe, easy
Strong clutch/brake, overload protector for safety
Alloy steel, wide work center for large molds
Closed-loop electrical circuit, automation compatible.

Toggle Punch/Ultra-high Speed Precision Punch

High Rigidity Toggle, Unique Crankshaft
Minimal Thermal Deformation, Heat Balanced
Longer Bottom Dead Point, Excellent Punch
Needle Roller Guide, Zero-Clearance, Mold Protection.

Cam Machine/Transfer Press

Ideal for New Energy Battery & Metal Cans
0.05mm Clearance in Cam-Driven Presses
Maintains Pressure for Stable Quality
Horizontal Cam for High-Speed Precision.
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