Ningbo JDM 30th Anniversary and New Product Launch Conference

Thirty years of time accumulation. Thirty years of Ming En. The years have not lived, and the seasons are flowing. Ningbo Jingda has worked hard for 30 years. The 30th anniversary of Ningbo Jingda and the new product launch conference with the theme of "Future" was grandly held in the new factory area of Jinshan Road, Ningbo.
Ceremony speech
In the morning, the ceremony officially began. Ningbo Jingda Chairman Zheng Liangcai and General Manager Li Yongjian delivered speeches. First of all, I would like to thank the leaders and guests who shared the important moments of Jingda at the scene and recall every extraordinary moment that Ningbo Jingda has gone through in the past 30 years.
Chairman Zheng’s speech: With a flick of his finger for 30 years, Jingda has grown from a small factory to a listed company on the Shanghai Main Board. During this period, it has not only been a waste of time, but also a brand’s 30 years of hard work and service. The touching journey of the user.
General Manager Li also said: Jingda’s 30 years is the 30 years of rapid development of China’s air-conditioning industry and the 30 years of Chinese equipment going global. He also put forward the beauty of “innovation-driven, revitalization of Chinese manufacturing, and a century of Jingda”. Vision.
The development and growth of Jingda is inseparable from the constant loyal trust and support of our customers. Jingda people will adhere to the service spirit of "Jingda products are responsible for the end", promise service with the original heart, and promise to fulfill the future.
Visits, meetings
In the afternoon, under the leadership of Jingda, the guests visited the new product display and exhibition hall. Subsequently, three technical seminars on heat exchanger forming equipment, press product technology, and micro-channel forming equipment were held at the same time. The meeting was full of friends and technical elites in the industry shared the latest information and heated discussions on the spot.
All Jingda people will forge ahead and create a better tomorrow!
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