Cam Machine/Transfer Press
Product Specification
The DC Series Transfer Press excels in precision for new energy battery cans and metal packaging, with minimal clearance and optimized bottom dead center for improved product quality and die life. Its horizontal cam-driven mechanics and high-speed eccentric feeding device ensure efficient and precise operations, suitable for high-speed applications. The standardized die rack supports efficient lithium battery can production, with a patented cupping efficiency of 1000-1500 cups/min.
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Applicable Area

New energy battery can, metal can packaging forming solution.

Products Features

  1. High Precision Minimal Comprehensive Clearance
    • Cam driven press slide, transmission and forming comprehensive clearance within 0.05mm.
    • Lower clearance provided stability in bottom dead center, improving product quality and die life.
    • Bottom Drawing Pressure Maintenance Feature

    Optimized working curve, realized pressure maintenance in forming process, achieving a stable and reliable quality.

  2. Horizontal Cam Driven Mechanical

    Steady transfer, high precision, less moving parts, optimized for high speed transfer application.

  3. Integrated High Speed Eccentric Feeding Device
  4. Standardized Die Rack
    • Lithium battery can pre-cupping production line
    • Double slide blanking drawing press
    • Patent No.: CN202120628965.0, cupping efficiency at 1000-1500 cups/min
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