Stamping Press Manufacturer in Bangladesh

JDM JINGDA MACHINE(NINGBO) CO., LTD was established in February 2002 and is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Specializing in the manufacturing and processing of high-speed presses and mechanical presses. We are Stamping Press Manufacturer in Bangladesh! We have developed and produced a variety of stamping equipment, and we have been working hard to explore the possibilities of how to use automatic punching equipment in the wider stamping field. After accumulating many years of actual combat experience, under the guidance of our professional technicians, based on excellent R&D and design capabilities, we will infiltrate all the advanced production technologies into every manufacturing process of our JDM. When we face the needs of domestic and foreign customers Under different requirements, we can research &develop and produce high-quality machines with stable performance to meet the different requirements of customers, so as to ensure that we give our company the most sincere commitment to support our customers. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "best quality, best brand". Based on a solid local foundation, in order to achieve the ideal ultimate goal-to provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality high-speed presses and mechanical presses.

Stamping Press Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Using well-known brand components, extremely high quality to ensure trouble-free operation and productivity

The frame structure of the Sheet Metal press, the cylinder and the power pack have been precision engineering designed in terms of design and manufacturing

Precision machining to maintain the alignment of the moving frame under working load

Features of Stamping Press Manufacturer in Bangladesh

  1. It has high rigidity, horizontal symmetrical toggle mechanism and performance. But the crankshaft is completely different than the traditional ones.
  2. Minimum thermal deformation, thermal balance design, minimum control bottom dead center position, minimum slider displacement changes with speed.
  3. The punch near the bottom dead center of the crankshaft is longer than the retention time, which produces an excellent embossing effect and guarantees the product quality.
  4. Needle roller guide rail with 8 sides. The lateral vibration and tilt are zero clearance, and the excellent anti-eccentric load performance is obtained. The mold is protected to extend the life of the mold. The 8 surfaces can be adjusted separately based on the slider guide, and the maintenance is simple

Why Choose JDM

Our Stamping Press Manufacturer in Bangladesh is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and precise, and is exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and has offices in many countries. And it has overseas R&D centers to provide strong technical support.

The 300 ton hydraulic press we provide to the world is of solid quality and competitive price-performance ratio. We believe that our products will become your first choice.

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